Employees voice

Employees voice

Naoto Ebisu (joined 2016)
Saidaiji factory- Electrode and HSM group

photo:Naoto Ebisu (joined 2016)

The first impression I had after joining to the company was that it has a friendly working atmosphere. Although at the beginning there were many new things to me, with gentle guidance from seniors, I can work by my own now.

Currently I am assigned to electrode and high speed machining group where I operate machining centers. Machining center is a high speed milling machine that has an automatic tool changer and perform various metal cutting processes according to program. If there is an error in input data or setup of the work piece, it will results an unusable product. Therefore it is important to carefully check all the parameters before start the machine. I feel very happy when a product is done according to the requested specifications. Even though sometimes I make mistakes, the advice and follow-up of my seniors help me to improve my confidence to learn and work. Die and mold production is an interesting field because not like in mass production, here each part produce is different and it gives a chance to learn new technologies and methods with each job.

Shadan Mohammad (joined 2008)
Saidaiji factory- Quality assurance group

photo:Shadan Mohammad (joined 2008)

I am working at the quality assurance group and our job is to check whether the finished product has done according to the product drawing. We check each and every part that produce in our factory to micron level if needed and guarantee the quality is meeting the needs of our customers.

Even though it was hard at the beginning to take a high responsibility at quality assurance, with the guidance from the leader and the experience and knowledge acquired with the time has gave me the confidence to do a better job at quality assurance group.

In addition, to develop the technical knowledge of the employees in the overseas companies, every year several employees from those plants are coming to Zeno tech Saidaiji factory to get knowledge from basics to in-depth of die manufacturing and  quality assurance. 

I was also visited Saidaiji factory as a trainee from Zeno tech Malaysia after I joined in 2008. I was trained twice in 2009 and 2012 for a time period of one year each.  Even though it was hard at the beginning of the training due to differences in language and working culture, the warm welcome and gentle guidance from leaders of each department made the training period an enjoyable and memorable time. I think the things learned during this training periods change my working attitudes and gave lots of technical knowledge. 

With continuous development of quality and human skill, I need to continue the voice of our customers “Zeno Tech products are reliable” in future as well.

Nuwan Karunatilaka (joined 2006)
Technical development division- Development group

photo:Nuwan Karunatilaka (joined 2006)

I was graduated from university of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and joined Zeno Tech co., Ltd in 2006 as an engineer. When I first stepped to Zeno tech I was a person who can’t speak a word of Japanese and had a very little knowledge on molds. During these years Zeno Tech identified my talents and developed me as an engineer who can take many challenges in the field of mold and die manufacturing industry. Zeno Tech not only develops my skills in technological field but also in the sales and marketing field. Now I am handling the sales section for some of our customers in USA and Europe. Working in a Japanese  environment for a long time not only improved my communication skills in Japanese but also it gave me a chance to experience the latest technologies use in the field. I am a member of technical development division of Zeno Tech where we design and develop tools and process for part manufacturing by forging. In my line of work I am using 2D and 3D CAD software, Simulation software "Simufact forming " for process and die load simulations, operate forging press and other equipment during trial production and using equipment like universal testing machine, metallurgical microscope, etc… for different material testing. Zeno Tech is helping with my higher studies also. Now I am enrolled to the Doctor course at Okayama University and planning to get my PHD in 2019. Finally I can say Zeno Tech is a family who looked after me and develop my carrier to face the challenges in the future with confident.

Iwaki Yusuke (joined 2005)
Saidaiji factory – Wire EDM group

photo:Iwaki Yusuke (joined 2005)

I am working at Wire EDM group of die manufacturing section. We perform high accuracy Wire EDM machining with an accuracy of 0.001mm. Therefore it is very important to recheck the work set up and machining parameters before start the work to get high accuracy.

Zeno tech has overseas factories in China, Malaysia and Indonesia. I have visited all these factories for technical support and teaching program for duration of 3 months. It was a good experience for me to work and live in another country managing hardship of language, culture and working environment differences. The satisfaction felt when a job was well done under all these hardship was a feeling which I cannot experience in Japan. With all these experience I want to be a technician with many skills in future.

Kosaku Mitsuoka (joined 2002)
Saidaiji factory -Electrode and HSM group

Kosaku Mitsuoka (joined 2002)

I am working at electrode and HSM group of Saidaiji factory. Since the requested accuracy for dies are very high, the machining accuracy required during die production is also high. I believe that my job is an everyday learning process to improve the machining skills to achieve improved accuracy and surface finish.

I have learned the enjoyment of making things from one of the seniors since I joined the company. Even though I have learned and understood different manufacturing technologies and gain experience for more than 10 years, when I see my senior I feel like I have a long way to go to match him. Every day I work under the shadow of him and improve my skills in manufacturing processes.

The dies produce by us are used to produce parts of different consumer electronic appliances and automobiles. Even though general people don’t know our involvement in the products, when I see these products I feel happy and proud knowing that our technology used for wellbeing of people.

I enjoy my leisure time by playing golf with my company colleagues, which is my hobby. I am practicing every day with the aim of winning this year’s company golf competition.