Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information

Because ZENO TECH is, where I am with the deal recognizes the importance of your personal information important, survived the activities,    To promote the following initiatives, we will protect your personal information.

Compliance with laws and regulations

ZENO TECH, we will comply with the laws and regulations of other related personal information protection law.

Use of personal information

ZENO TECH out of such use of the personal information of customers, and to be used only within the scope of the purpose of use, will not be used beyond the scope of its purpose.

Limit of third party offer

ZENO TECH, except such as the case of the law, will not provide or disclose your personal information to the customer’s consent, without a third party.

Disclosure and correction of personal information

About your personal information ZENO TECH is entrusted to us, if the customer is you wish to check and correction of personal information,    Promptly we will correspond in a reasonable and within the required range.

that’s all